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Bio bleaching / Plasma medicine - what does it mean ?

In our dental office we use this method against viruses, bakteria and fungi, for the sustainable protection of your teeth and your gums. The "Bio-bleaching effect" (BIO-bleaching without chemicals substances) coming up as a benefit from the disinfecting effect of oxygen molecules.

How it works ?

If oxygen is decomposed into tiny components, medically effective plasma is formed that has a high germicidal effect. 

Within only a few minutes, teeth and gums are disinfected with the aid of enriched oxygen molecules !!

Wy this is very useful and important ?

Bacterial diseases in the oral cavity can not only lead to dental caries (tooth decay) and periodontal disease (gum inflammation).

Today we know that germs and bacteria in gum pockets can circulate through the hole bloodstream and can cause problems anywhere in your body.

In medicin discussion of periodontal disease we know, that a lot of problems with overweight (obesity), atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, an increased risk of pre-term delivery and heart / cardiovascular can appear.

So best time for treatment is now. Please come in contact with us for appointment.

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