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Statistically, 65% of the population have periodontally compromised teeth.

An inflammatory disease caused by bacteria of the tooth support and surrounding tissue caused by bacteria is called periodontal disease. 

These bacteria adhere to the plaque (plaque) between teeth and gums, where they have an ideal habitat to lead to inflammation, both at the gum line as well in the gums (periodontium). The inflamed area is red and swollen. The bleeding of the gums when touched is often ignored, however this is an alarm signal.

The periodontal disease usually causes no pain, so this illness is accepted far too long. Bad breath, bleeding gums, tooth loss and tooth migration are the result.

Periodontitis is not only dangerous for your teeth. Bacteria colonizing gingival pockets enter the circulation, spread throughout the body and may cause systemic disease.

Therefore after a careful diagnosis we develop an individual treatment plan for each patient which is supported by the periodontal specialist and the dentist.

Take an active part in maintaining your oral health by benefiting from the information above! 

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